RTL-SDR scanner/decoder/logger/recorder

A few months ago I wrote a simple script in batch that allowed me to record each call in MP3 format with the TGID, RID, date recorded, into a folder that contained the proper year/month/date.

It’s still a little buggy, there are much better ways of doing this.

But what I recently did was make a web front end to read the folders and files, then spit out a table with all the data.

Right now it’s not very efficient, but I plan on fixing that by migrating from, a loop that scans every file from a directory, to a database application. I’ll be using a program called Everything Search by Void Tools. I chose this because it has an extremely fast indexing engine and a command line interface.

This should speed up my page load times by a lot. With my current setup a query takes about 5 seconds, with a directory that has a month of calls, 26,000 files, and almost 1GB of file space taken. If I don’t make this change, page load times will only increase.

I hope to be done with this migration by the end of the week.

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