Scion tC gen 1 reverse wire tap

Quick tip. Avoid running a positive wire from the tail light harness to your head unit for a backup camera

this pink wire in the driver side kick panel coverĀ is the wire that provides 12V when the car is in reverse. Plug this into your head unit to automatically bring up the reverse camera


its position in the harness is bottom left

here is a photo from the wiring diagram

Here is a photo from further back

3 thoughts on “Scion tC gen 1 reverse wire tap

  1. Sean

    What year tc is that? Mines a 2007 and looks like that but I wanna make sure before I go jacking something up ya know?

    1. Tyler Watthanaphand Post author

      Hi, it was an 06. As long as the wires in that connector are all the same color and position, you’ll be OK.


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